Gratitude in Action

gratitude in action

Gratitude Drives Customer Engagement and Retention

For all of us who start a new business, or go out on our own as an independent contractor, getting that first client, sale or contract fills us with gratitude. Someone recognizes our skills, our product or, indeed, us, as having something valuable to sell! For that we are, or should be grateful.

We start those businesses, and leave the comfort of our full time jobs, to pursue ideas, products and services we believe are worth bringing to the market place. That moment when we receive our first purchase gives us affirmation. Gratitude spurs us to want to do more for our customers, to gain MORE customers, and all the while seek ways to improve customer loyalty and retention. A key part of that can be to share that moment of gratitude, to create an emotional connection to a purchase or client. That opportunity is often overlooked and, almost always, undervalued.

Unicorn companies, like Lyft, and Paypal recognized, in their early growth period, that saying Thank You to their early-adopting customers, by giving them the ability to pass on the gratitude with referrals codes and growth promotions, was, not only the right thing to do, but also an exponential growth accelerator.

For those companies, the equation was simple and obvious. Create a service that people wanted and needed, deliver that service with efficiency and customer-focused ease. They then, importantly, offered an incentive to spread the word about it. For Lyft, this initial referral program was distinctly analog; printing business cards for their drivers and early passengers to pass on to their friends, giving potential new customer a financial incentive to try the service.

But even those, fairly simple programs, can demand investment that few small businesses and entrepreneurs can afford.

At the same time, the financial investment in more traditional marketing channels, even in social media, demand an investment that cannot guarantee a reciprocal return.

As co-founders of RASER, we were both involved as drivers and users in new-market companies like Lyft and Uber, and apps like Square Cash and Paypal, and saw and experienced the phenomenal growth that could be had with a simple, word-of-mouth referral program. We knew that we could bring the power of referral growth to any business, large or small.

We launched RASER (Refer – Acquire – Share – Earn – Repeat) in Beta in August 2016, and in full release this Spring, 2017. Unlike almost every other type of marketing and customer acquisition tool, RASER guarantees the business user a return on their marketing spend.

RASER is a mobile platform that lets businesses say Thanks! to their customers,
every time they refer a friend.

Businesses set whatever amount they want as a Tip to their customer for referring their friends. The tip is sent to the customer AND to the acquired customer – and ONLY when that new referral becomes a PAYING customer. The business owners shows gratitude to their existing customer, and acquires a new customer, both of whom can continue to share and refer their friends.

As we had envisioned, our early adopters are independent contractors, and small business owners who understand the power of word of mouth marketing. Salons, massage therapist, pet care facilities, and small retailers are just a few of the business who have adopted our message of Gratitude in Action.

Join us in spreading the word! We are building a community of conscious business owners who believe in designing their perfect customer purchase, without discounting goods and services. RASER takes a small percentage of the referral tip, that you choose to provide for a referral.

Simply head to our BUSINESS OWNER PORTAL to get started today! No signup fees, no monthly costs and no hidden fees! We provide business owners with their unique QR code for customers to scan with the RASER app, once they have made their purchase. The customer instantly earns a tip, and so does their friend.

Do you believe in Gratitude?

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